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Allow a few minutes for the system to compile your report. It should contain the following information: accident and salvage history, past flood or water damage, fraudulent odometer alterations, lemon car information, junk titles, past emissions inspection results, any lien information, auto thefts, what the vehicle has been used for in the past and more. Print your report, study it, and decide whether, based on the car history VIN information, you should proceed with your purchase or not.

Before , auto VINs ranged from 11 to 17 characters. If your VIN number is less than 17 characters, you may not receive a complete or meaningful report from your car history VIN number report.

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One of the best ways to determine if a car is worth its price is to gain information about its history through the use of its VIN. Here are some advantages of knowing car history. The initial benefit you'll have by running a VIN search is gaining a better understanding of the car's value. You'll know if the odometer has ever been rolled back or reported to be malfunctioning, you'll find out if the vehicle has ever suffered from flood damage, or if it's ever been reported as a lemon. Additionally, cars that were used as rental or commercial cars may not run as well as privately owned and operated vehicles.

By learning about a car's ownership, inspection and maintenance histories, you'll have a better idea of how well the car will perform. Cars that have had parts frequently replaced due to accidents and other problems may subject their drivers to heightened safety risks.

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You'll find out if the car has had issues such as previous frame damage, if the airbags have ever deployed or malfunctioned or any number of other things that may lead to increased safety risks for its passengers. Learning a car's history through its VIN will allow you to find a vehicle that meets your safety standards. Sometimes, used cars can require more money in repairs than is worth paying. To avoid buying an expensive, repair-prone car, utilize a car history report to inform yourself of any problematic areas.

Certain accidents and repairs in the vehicle's past may alert you to some issues that could cost you money in the future. Knowing the car's history before you buy it can definitely save you future costs. Saved Vehicles 0 Saved Searches 0. Cars Direct. Featured Stories.

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If you only have the Manufacturer's number , you will need to use the Search by serial number function and choose motor vehicle and manufacturer's number. The Vehicle Registration Number Rego is not a form of serial number as it can be changed. Start your quick motor vehicle search now. Before you buy a second-hand motor vehicle you should check that there are no existing security interests on it by searching the PPSR.

If a security interest has been registered against the vehicle, it may not be debt-free and may be repossessed, even after you have bought it. Make sure you search the PPSR on the day, or the day before, you intend to make your purchase, to ensure it is:. For more information on buyer protection, see Motor vehicle searching and buyer protections this includes any exceptions.

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For information about the PPSR vehicle search certificate, read Understanding motor vehicle search results. Your search result may contain additional vehicle information. The PPSR will show you if the vehicle you have searched is identified as part of the compulsory Takata recall, on screen and on your search certificate.

These recalls affect a large number of car makes and models and a small number of motorcycles. You are strongly urged to confirm whether the motor vehicle you are looking to purchase has been recalled to replace potentially faulty Takata airbags. If your search shows that the vehicle is listed as affected by the recall you should confirm the recall status by visiting: www.

You will need the vehicle registration plate and state the vehicle is registered.

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If your search shows that you vehicle is affected by the recall, you can also contact the manufacturer for more details. Email Created with Sketch.

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Linkedin Created with Sketch. Buying a car? Buying a motorcycle, trailer, caravan or other motor vehicle? Buying a boat? Instructions The instructions in the section below are given as animated images which will play once the image is clicked with text provided below the image.

Make sure you enter the serial number correctly, or you may risk getting a result for the wrong motor vehicle. Enter your credit card details.

The fee for the search is displayed on the screen. Click pay now.