Birth certificate for trig palin

That is one reason why the Trig controversy is not, despite the efforts of some commentators to make it so, a leftist version of Birtherism. He has released his birth certificate. The ones whose characters have been revealed by that story are the Republicans who are willing to wiggle linguisitically to urge Birthers on while evading responsibility for doing so.

Or worse: see Trump.

Sarah Palin, unreliable narrator

Birtherism also plays on racial and religious fears—the recklessness, in this case, is about not caring what an attempt to win an election might do to the country. Anyone who cares about the future of the Republican Party—and I think that that includes Democrats—needs to look hard at what the failure to confront and refute Birtherism has wrought.

Twice as many respondents over all said they had an unfavorable view of her 55 percent as said they had a favorable view 26 percent. But her standing among Republican respondents was the polar opposite: About half of Republicans said they viewed her favorably; 26 percent said they viewed her unfavorably. Fifty-one per cent of Republicans view her favorably; that puts her significantly ahead of every other candidate or candidate-like character other than Huckabee, who is at fifty-four per cent.

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New Sarah Palin Photo Fuels Theory That She Faked Son Trig's Birth | Business Insider

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Palin Puts The Trig Question Back On The Table

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Bristol Palin's Ex-Fiance Cites Tension With Her

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Sailor’s birth story, according to the Palins

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The leading blogger still has doubts about the parentage of Trig Palin

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