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Please contact our office if you receive this type of request.

Service may be required as often as once per year and can be from one day to the length of one trial, starting at a. Business casual attire is suggested. Shorts and tank tops are not appropriate courtroom attire. Responding to the Summons. If your summons instructs you to call our office after p. For basic information about your jury service and the option to sign up for a reminder, text your 9-digit Juror ID number to Click above for larger image. Nc's best for sure. His representation of me proved that month after month.

My case lasted 3 yrs not once did James lose faith, James would always keep me up to date about what was going on with my case. And in the end all charges were dropped. I had total confidence in James from the Get Go. Thank you once again James and if I should need it harder for anything in the future he would definitely be the one. Floyd Tune. I received the best possible outcome and all for very reasonable price.

Inside the courtroom:

They represented me in court which was great because I live two hours away! They made this process easy and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them and would absolutely use them again! Kelly Cronin. Minick Law provided outstanding service! They were professional and went above and beyond in their dedication to work for the best possible outcome. They were warm, caring, and kind. They exceeded my expectations in every way--I can't recommend them highly enough!

Susannah Frawley. James and his staff were extremely outstanding from start to finish.

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The staff was great for getting back to me with any questions I had in regarding my case. James has great experience and always figured out ways to help in my case dealing with the federal court system.

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James always had the time to speak to me about everything and was very positive and friendly. I was from Charlotte and I recommend James for any case, and I will definitely use him again in any circumstances. Thanks James for a great job! Sean Aikey. Being my first DWI, unfamiliar with Buncombe County where my incident occurred, and residing 6 hours away, I had to start out at step one upon finding trustworthy and professional representation.

After much research, Minick Law topped my list. I could not have selected a better attorney than James Minick. In the courtroom, he has a presence that carries respect, honor and heart.

What should I wear for my Court appearance date? Chicago area Criminal defense lawyer explains.

Being an attorney may be his technical profession, but truly caring about the client he represents speaks volumes in my book. Mathew Spencer. I contacted Minick Law to help me expunge a 20 plus year old warrant that I didn't even know about. Their legal assistant and attorney took my information about the case over the phone and correspondence thru email and were able to take care of everything for me at a very reasonable fee. I was and am very pleased with their work. If you need good people on your side, definitely give Minick a call.

James Minick office helped me feel better about my case, it was so easy and simple. He took all the stress away I had about my case and court by being very to the point and easy to get ahold of. His staff was always friendly and very quick with responses to questions I might had. I would recommend Minick Law to friends or family any day! Kayla Hefner. Minick was very kind and professional.

He made me feel comfortable and confident every step of the way, and in court he clearly knew everyone there and had arranged the result before I even spoke to the judge. Definitely worth the money for peace of mind. Eric Ell.

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I highly recommend James Mimic. Always received quick responses to all my inquiries.

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James went above and beyond to help me recieve the best possible outcome to my situation. I can honestly say he is the best attorney I have ever had. Sandra Maynor. I've been very satisfied with Mr. Minick's legal services and his office staff's professionalism and communication. Attorney Minick is a great lawyer who advocates for his clients rights, and fights for them in court.

In a world of lawyers being untrustworthy, Minick Law is a serious breath of fresh air. I'd recommend them to any of my friends and family who need criminal defense representation. Jake Wolf. Our family always uses Minick Law for traffic violations, they are reasonable, attentive and have always taken care of everything to our benfit!

It's great to have a true professional on your side when you need it!! Susan Hudspeth.

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I was allowing my 15 year old nephew to drive in Waynesville, N. He had not received his permit yet, through no fault of his, and I was allowing him some experience. A lady pulled from a driveway on Mainstreet, and clipped our car. No charges were filed in the accident limited damages , but I had inadvertently failed to renew my collision insurance the previous month, and, I was allowing an underage, unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle, a serious charge in N.

The insurance was back in force the next day, but the unlicensed driver charge could have been a Class 1 Misdemeanor, again, a serious charge. James arranged for these charges to be dismissed. The representation James provided was on par with these, and his results exceeded many of them. Thank you, James and Stephenie..!! Keith Maclean. I receive a speeding ticket in Asheville, NC about a month ago. I found Minick Law on the internet and chose them based on someone answering the phone instead of voicemail.

I'm so glad they answered. Stephanie answered the phone and gave me all the information I needed in detail, which made it all the more easier to choose this firm. The results were just what I was hoping for and feed back was very prompt.