Fulton county georgia divorce forms

The new law requires attorneys to e-file the documents they file for their clients.

However, e-filing is not mandatory for people who don't have attorneys, also called pro se. This means that couples filing for divorce without an attorney have the option to e-file or file documents in person or by mail with the Court Clerk's office.

Divorce in Fulton

With e-filing, you can file legal documents with your phone or computer without having to go to the courthouse. When using DivorceWriter for your Georgia divorce , you'll have access to step-by-step instructions for e-filing that walk you through registering for an account with the e-filing service provider in your county to getting your case filed all the way through filing the documents to finalize your divorce.

Any technical issues with e-filing using a computer can be directed to your e-filing service provider's technical support. Additional information may also be available at the Court Clerk's office. Projects Join us. I'm Ready to Volunteer!

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