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For more on filtering see our separate blog. However, some offences are never eligible for filtering from criminal record certificate since they are considered to be so serious see the list of offences that will never be filtered. This is surprising to many people, since it could be asked, if the offence was sufficiently minor that a caution was considered appropriate, how can it also be so serious that it is never filtered?

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That is a good question which is presently under consideration by the Supreme Court which heard a challenge to the filtering rules in June The judgment is expected at the end of or in early The list of offences that will never be filtered is very long. It includes some extremely serious offences for which cautions would never be issued. Other common offences that will never be filtered are: many sexual offences, violent offences and drugs offences. Aside from filtering, there is another route to obtain a DBS certificate free of cautions, which is to make representations to the police force that issued the caution s setting out why their continued retention and disclosure is not proportionate, using human rights arguments.

Although the process can take some months due to police backlogs , it can often lead to a caution being expunged. I just wanted to write and thank you for all your hard work in handling my case — and for your kindness, patience and empathy. Thank you and best wishes. We have finally received [our] documents from the home office! I would like to give you and your team massive thank you for your cooperation and dedication towards our application. I look forward to keeping in touch and would definitely recommend you to future clients.

You are always so gentle and kind, and take care to explain things in great detail for me to understand.

The hidden mischief of police cautions

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Hannah for all her help and support in this matter. As an individual whom has never had any need for any legal advice or similar, Hannah dealt with my situation as well as I could have ever hoped. She took the time to listen, to not judge and to offer sage advice in return. When something was promised to be done, it was not only done, but it was completed within the agreed time and communicated in a clear and concise matter.

As much as I would never wish to need legal advice again, my first port of call would be Hannah and if not, one of her colleagues at David Gray Solicitors. Thank you ever so much for all the help you have given to me and my family. Everything is deeply appreciated! My husband and I would like to express our sincere thanks to Bryony Rest and Pierrette Tshibuyi for their professionalism, efficiency and courteous manner throughout the application for a UK spouse VISA.

We genuinely appreciate their advice, guidance and support throughout this whole process and are delighted with the positive outcome which is life changing for us. We would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone else who needs a helping hand finding their way through the immigration maze. Pay Online. Will my criminal record ruin my life? Contact If you wish to discuss anything covered in this blog please call us on or take a look at the services offered by our award winning Crime Team which is led by Brian Hegarty.

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How can an individual apply to have a criminal record on the PNC deleted?

Client testimonial about Hannah Mostoufi - Crime. Client testimonial about Pierrette Tshibuyi - Immigration. Client testimonial about Cliff Veitch - Property. The filtering system In May , the government introduced a filtering system meaning that not all cautions and convictions are revealed by DBS checks. Which cautions and convictions are filtered? Whether a caution or conviction is filtered will depend on the type and age of the offence. Updated 19th April Back to Blogs.

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