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Provide temple ordinances for individuals as they are uniquely identified. You can repeat this pattern by choosing another name on your pedigree chart.

Are You Making the Direct-Line Mistake in Your Family Tree?

Some people feel that their family history has all been done. Records become scarcer as we research ancestors who lived in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. When we do research in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we have more records available and, as a result, have more opportunity for success.

Since the families of the children and grandchildren often lived in the same area as grandparents, we can find the needed information with little extra work.

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This is an efficient use of research time. Clues to ancestors are found in the records of their descendants. When you gather records of the descendants of an ancestor, you will have a better chance of finding clues of that ancestor than if you just search the records of one child or grandchild. Meeting living cousins can be a blessing. All of you will learn more family stories and discover other family photos.

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You may also find out more about your common ancestors. Attending the temple and doing vicarious work for a person who never had these temple ordinances in life is spiritually satisfying, but when we do this work for our own family members, the satisfaction is magnified. By seeking the descendants of a direct line ancestor, all of whom have a kinship relationship to us, our time spent in doing their temple work will have deeper meaning in our lives. Perhaps you have already been approaching your family history in this broader way.

If so, you already know the joy of seeing things through the eyes of your ancestors. You recognize that they would want to have their children and grandchildren with them eternally, just as we do. You may have even broadened your research to include great-grandchildren and beyond. The more of the members of an ancestral family for whom you are able to do temple work, the greater the joy and rejoicing your ancestors will be able to have in their posterity.

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Most Ensign articles can be used for family home evening discussions, personal reflection, or teaching the gospel in a variety of settings. Use the BMD records to identify all of the important events in your ancestors lives.

Discover where and when the event took place and store the information for years to come. Search our key records Birth records Marriage records. Did any of your ancestors fight for their country? With records from the Boer War to WW2, discover if any of your relations could be considered a war hero.

Whatever you're looking for, you have a good chance of finding it with Genes Reunited! Search our key records Parish records Photos and Media.

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View my relative profiles Last viewed relative profile Surname summary Hot Matches. Although the spelling matters to us now, before the 20th century extraordinary variations regularly occur in different records — illiteracy was widespread and large numbers spoke Irish as their native language.

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Most people simply had more important things on their minds than how their name might be spelt in a record in a foreign language. Having enough to eat, for example. Before , only a few very privileged children celebrated birthdays and without a celebration, why would you need to know a precise date? In addition, hardly any unfortunate souls over the age of 40 feel as old as they actually are.

Put the two together and you have the prefect recipe for unlikely numbers of people reporting their ages as 30, 40, and