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Renter agrees to inspect the Vehicle before leaving Company premises to insure the Vehicle is in good condition with no apparent defects. Renter must notify Company immediately concerning any problem or defects in the Vehicle. Renter will not operate the vehicle if it is damaged or in in need of repair and Renter will be responsible for all damage to the Vehicle resulting from such use. Renter must return it sooner on our demand. If it a is not returned on the date and at the location which it is due back; b is illegally parked; c is used in violation of the law or of this Agreement; d is or appears to be abandoned, or e if Renter gives false or misleading information at the time of rental, Company shall have the right to repossess the Vehicle at any time, without notice to the Renter.

If Renter returns it earlier or later, a different or higher rate may apply and, if returned later, Renter may also be charged a late return fee. If you do, your responsibility for damage to or loss of the vehicle will continue and all charges stated on the rental document as a periodic rate will continue to accrue until the return location reopens and we retake actual possession of the vehicle. Operating hours vary by location. If we do not find the vehicle when that location opens, your responsibility for all charges and for damage to or loss of the car will continue until the vehicle is actually returned or recovered.

If you wish to extend any rental you must contact us to request it before your return date. We may or may not grant an extension or decline to grant it for the entire period you request, in our sole discretion.

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If we do grant an extension a different or higher rate may be applied to the extension period and a service fee may also apply. Renter will be responsible for unauthorized repairs; Company will not reimburse Renter for authorized repair without receipts. Renter also agrees to pay for the reasonable cost to clean Vehicle returned excessively dirty. In Illinois, if the car is damaged, you will pay our estimated repair cost up to the amount specified by law.

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If the law of a jurisdiction covering this rental requires conditions on Loss Damage Waiver that are different than the terms of this Agreement, such as if your liability for ordinary negligence is limited by such law, that law prevails. You understand that you are not authorized to repair or have the car repaired without our express prior written consent.

If you repair or have the car repaired without our consent, you will pay the estimated cost to restore the car to the condition it was in prior to your rental. If we authorize you to have the car repaired, we will reimburse you for those repairs only if you give us the repair receipt. Your own insurance, or the issuer of the credit card you use to pay for the vehicle rental transaction, may cover all or part of your financial responsibility for the rented vehicle. You should check with your insurance company, or credit card issuer, to find out about your coverage and the amount of the deductible, if any, for which you may be liable.

If you accept CDW by your initials on the rental document at the additional daily rate, pay the charges for each full or partial day that the vehicle is rented to you, and the vehicle is operated in accordance with the Agreement, we assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to the vehicle except, if permitted by law, for lost, damaged or stolen keys or remote entry devices, towing or tire services, unless related to an accident, or recovery of the car if stolen, damage caused by the use of snow chains, overhead damage ,and except for your amount of "responsibility", if any, specified on the rental document.

If accepted we will waive your financial responsibility for damages to the rental vehicle up to the amount of your applicable primary insurance deductible. Renter also acknowledges reading the notice on loss damage shown on the rental document, or in these Terms and Conditions, or in a separate notice form.

You can avoid the convenience fee any other charges by paying the toll in cash, using your electronic toll device, or avoiding any cashless toll road or passage. Failing to safe-guard the keys to the Vehicle or allowing a person who is not an Authorized driver to use the Vehicle is not an exercise of ordinary care, but a willful and reckless act and a breach of this agreement. Renter must report all accidents involving the Vehicle, or theft of the Vehicle, or vandalism to the Company within 24 hours of occurrence, and to the police as soon as Renter discovers them.

Renter agrees to provide automobile liability comprehensive and collision insurance which covers Renter, the Company and the rented vehicle, with at least the minimum liability and property damage coverages required by California law.

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Vehicle will not be used by anyone a who is not an authorized in the rental agreement and a licensed driver, and; b who obtains the Vehicle with fraudulent, misleading, or false information, c using the Vehicle for commercial hire or to push or tow anything; d while used in connection with conduct that could be properly charged as a felony; e while involved in a speed test or contest or in driver training activity; f in a willful, intentional, wanton, or reckless manner; g operating the vehicle on an unpaved road if the damage or loss is a direct result of the road or driving conditions; h operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol i operates the Vehicle outside of the United States j who operates the vehicle when further use of the Vehicle would cause it damage such as warning light, flat tire, steam rising from engine, unusual noise.

Snow chains are prohibited unless a required by order of law enforcement agencies or park rangers; b or necessary to drive safely through areas where snow, ice, slush or mud creates dangerous driving conditions. Snow chains must be of the proper size and specification for the vehicle and must be properly affixed. Renter is responsible for all damages resulting from the use of snow chains. You agree that we can provide coverage under a certificate of self-insurance or an insurance policy, or both, as we choose.

RLP is not available for rentals originating in Oregon. SLI provides supplemental liability protection for third party automobile claims. SLP is supplemental and does not provide basic primary coverage. This coverage is provided under a policy of excess liability insurance more fully described in the available brochure and is subject to all of the conditions and limitations described in paragraph 12 above, except that notwithstanding anything contained in the Agreement, the terms of the policy will at all times control.

SLI does not apply to liability for bodily injury or property damage arising out of any "prohibited use of the car" as described in paragraph 15 of the Agreement, all of which are exclusions to SLI. If you accept RSA by your initials on the rental document at the additional daily rate, for each full or partial day that the vehicle is rented to you and the vehicle is operated in accordance with the Agreement, it will cover your expenses for the following: Dead battery, ignition keys locked in the vehicle, running out of gas, flat tire, or mechanical failure.

It does not cover the replacement costs of lost keys, or expenses resulting from violation of the use restrictions listed in paragraph This contract shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of California. There shall be three arbitrators, named in accordance with such rules.

The award of arbitrators shall be binding accompanied by a statement of the reasons upon which the award is based. Please enter the contact details requested below. The next time you book a reservation we will automatically use the contact details you provided to help expedite your booking process. Note, you can always update your contact information later in account settings or during the booking process.

Your home address is required in the vehicle booking process. Please provide your home address in the fields below, you can always update your address in your account settings. Once you retrieve your luggage, exit through door on Terminal West side Even or door on the east side Odd.

Proceed outside and walk to Island 4. If you need any information or shuttle pick up, please call the Denver AVR location at Location Policies Please click here to view more details about this locations Terms and Conditions. Book A Reservation. Return Location City, State or Airport.

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Important Notice This is location allows after hour drop-offs. Map and Directions. Member Login. Email Required. Password Required. Logout Confirmation. You are about to logout, are you sure you want to log out? Member Registration. Confirm Email Required. Confirm Password Required. AVR Prestige Program. Become a Prestige Program member?

Car Rental at Denver Airport

No thank you, not right now Yes, I would like to become a Prestige Program member. Here are a few more reasons to consider booking with us:. Downtown Denver is located over 30 minutes from the airport, via the I W. If you are planning to take your rental car to other destinations in Colorado make sure you plan your route in advance. Take extra care when driving through the region in winter, when there can be snow and ice on the roads. Car rental providers are located away from the main terminal at DEN.

There are currently 12 car rental companies that serve at the airport and all of them provide a free shuttle service to and from the Jeppesen Terminal, picking up customers on level 5 of both the east and west sides of the terminal. Just follow the overhead signs to reach the loading zones, and check-in before boarding the shuttle at your rental car company's counter within the terminal building.

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