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The cats had simply reached over the trip plates, snatched the meat and absconded with their bounty.

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Twist ties attaching the chicken to the bottom of the traps would have prevented that outcome, a more experienced trapper later told me. It yielded exactly three hits. I got some good guidance from Alley Cat Allies and the Feral Cat Coalition of San Diego, but there were no websites where cat trappers could share tips and troubleshoot specific challenges. Fortunately, community cat advocacy has grown tremendously over the years, and today I can tap a wealth of know-how from people around the globe.

On countless listservs and social media groups, advocates give and receive advice on everything from trapping to transport to colony caretaking.

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To that end, we asked our readers and staff experts for their best trapping strategies and also pulled tips from Facebook group discussions and cat advocacy websites. Some tips have been edited for clarity. Maybe none of us can match the street smarts of a community cat—but we can learn to trap smarter, not harder. Sounds crazy, but it has worked! Use cut up pizza boxes to line your trap and draw cats in with the leftover grease. To lure in tom cats, use urine from in-heat female cats collect swabs when they are in for TNR.

I had good luck at a recent site lining the trap with an old carpet remnant that is sprayed with catnip spray and sprinkled with powdered valerian root. Cats have an extraordinary sense of smell. Traps often smell like humans or cleaning products. Try wiping the trap with fresh catnip or sardine oil. Always leave trap covers outdoors to lose the human scent.

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I built a fake drop trap that can be left at a colony to get the cats used to eating under it and making trapping much easier. Cats love boxes and paper sacks. It works! Brown paper lawn bags fit perfectly over traps. Just make a small slit for the trap handle. Also place newspaper under the trap in the bag to prolong use. Have a plexiglass panel made [to replace the back door of] a trap that opens on both ends. Be sure to monitor the trap closely so you can quickly cover a trapped cat; otherwise, the cat could injure herself barging against the transparent panel.

I like to place two traps side by side, with the front doors facing opposite directions. A cat exploring the bait at the back end of one trap can then just follow the trail of food into the front door of the adjacent trap. Have the feeder do their normal feeding routine when you are trapping to encourage the cats. This could be the sound of their car engine, cracking open a can of food, whistling—whatever clues the cats in to feeding time.

Through planning and some inexpensive equipment, you can minimize the hours you spend waiting for a cat to be trapped.

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Set a motion-sensor device next to the trap so you are alerted that something is moving in there. Lucy Potter. Use a video baby monitor for a drop trap. You can be out of sight and still trip the trap. It does need batteries replaced periodically. So we just waited for photos to pop up on email when a cat had gone onto the trap to eat. Trail cams are a great investment to track the habits of those hard-to-catch kitties! When we were tracking our first colony, I just used to sit for hours assessing the cats and now am just too busy so am thankful for this option.

But there are also many inexpensive household products that can make your work easier and more effective. For cats who reach over the trip plate to eat the bait without springing the trap, you can extend the trip plate by using a piece of cardboard taped to the trip plate.

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Paper french fry trays, which you can buy online in bulk, are great for placing bait in the back of traps and for providing food and water to cats being held in traps. It saves a lot of cleaning. To make metal trap handles easier on your fingers and palms, take an ordinary garden hose and cut it into handle-sized segments. Some have taken down their public search engine, and are marketing enterprise-only editions, such as Northern Light. Many search engine companies were caught up in the dot-com bubble, a speculation-driven market boom that peaked in and ended in Around , the Google search engine rose to prominence.

This iterative algorithm ranks web pages based on the number and PageRank of other web sites and pages that link there, on the premise that good or desirable pages are linked to more than others. Google also maintained a minimalist interface to its search engine. In contrast, many of its competitors embedded a search engine in a web portal.

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By , Yahoo was providing search services based on Inktomi's search engine. In early the site began to display listings from Looksmart blended with results from Inktomi except for a short time in when results from AltaVista were used instead. In , Microsoft began a transition to its own search technology, powered by its own web crawler called msnbot. Microsoft's rebranded search engine, Bing, was launched on June 1, On July 29, , Yahoo! Search would be powered by Microsoft Bing technology.

According to Hitbox, Google's worldwide popularity peaked at July rankings showed Google The market share of Yahoo! Search 7. In the United States, Google held a In the People's Republic of China, Baidu held a How web search engines work Web search engines work by storing information about many web pages, which they retrieve from the WWW itself. Exclusions can be made by the use of robots.

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The contents of each page are then analyzed to determine how it should be indexed for example, words are extracted from the titles, headings, or special fields called meta tags. Data about web pages are stored in an index database for use in later queries. Some search engines, such as Google, store all or part of the source page referred to as a cache as well as information about the web pages, whereas others, such as AltaVista, store every word of every page they find.

This cached page always holds the actual search text since it is the one that was actually indexed, so it can be very useful when the content of the current page has been updated and the search terms are no longer in it. This problem might be considered to be a mild form of linkrot, and Google's handling of it increases usability by satisfying user expectations that the search terms will be on the returned webpage. This satisfies the principle of least astonishment since the user normally expects the search terms to be on the returned pages. Increased search relevance makes these cached pages very useful, even beyond the fact that they may contain data that may no longer be available elsewhere.

When a user enters a query into a search engine typically by using key words , the engine examines its index and provides a listing of best-matching web pages according to its criteria, usually with a short summary containing the document's title and sometimes parts of the text. Some search engines provide an advanced feature called proximity search which allows users to define the distance between keywords. The usefulness of a search engine depends on the relevance of the result set it gives back. While there may be millions of web pages that include a particular word or phrase, some pages may be more relevant, popular, or authoritative than others.

Most search engines employ methods to rank the results to provide the "best" results first. How a search engine decides which pages are the best matches, and what order the results should be shown in, varies widely from one engine to another.