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They are helping a family or individual through a very difficult time, [and that] will never be forgotten by the clients.

Should Small Businesses Still Book Yellow Page Ads?

They will always remember the team of individuals that were present in their time of need. Crime-scene cleaners are at risk for certain trauma-related stress disorders. This is my second go at How Crime-scene Clean-up Works.

The first, I wrote in , with hours and hours of research but without the benefit of an interview. This one, I was lucky enough to be handed an industry contact by my editor, and after communicating with Andrew Whitmarsh, the insight was invaluable.

Small Business Marketing

I asked him both business-related and personal questions, and his responses to the latter took me aback. You hear a lot out there these days about the "commercialization of death. Whitmarsh related observations that were sensitive and certainly attached.

It would be a mistake, then, to think the decision earn a living cleaning up after tragedy implies a callousness toward it, and many of the additions in this version are intended to reflect that. Prev NEXT. The Business. June 11, April 15, Broadway Books.

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May 23, June 26, E-mail Interview. Cancellations or changes in orders not accepted after closing date.

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Preferred position not cancellable at any time. Failure of advertiser or advertising agency to make an insertion order correspond in price to specification with the scheduled rate is regarded as a clerical error and the advertisement is published and charged according to the terms of the schedule in force without further notice. Harbor House Publishers is a magazine, directory, guide, book and newsletter publisher with a specialty in regional publications. Harbor House Publishers' specialization in and knowledge of the Great Lakes Region, its demographics, commerce and tourism are intangibles which come to our clients without cost, yet are reflected in the care and professionalism we put into any publication we produce.

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Premier Positions Every premier advertiser receives two copies of the book at no charge. Please indicate your preference for front or back tab within requested section. Tab Sections Full page advertisements only. About Harbor House Publishers Harbor House Publishers is a magazine, directory, guide, book and newsletter publisher with a specialty in regional publications.

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